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"Just Awesome."

Sticky Password creates the strongest passwords possible and manages them for us. With Sticky Password generator, you're just a click away from another strong password.

The database is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms available in the industry, including the military-grade AES algorithm. We will be protected from phishing scams, because Sticky Password won't send your login and password to fake websites. Multiple levels of protection against key-loggers.

Sticky Password's automatic login and form filling ensure that there is nothing for key loggers to record. And the Virtual Keyboard also ensures that not even someone peaking over your shoulder will know what you're typing.

Sticky Password is safer than browsers. When stored in a browser, your passwords can be used by anyone using the computer, and are also more at risk to being stolen by computer viruses than when they are securely stored in Sticky Password's encrypted database.

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06 Nov 2013

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